Create Accessible documents directly from MS-Word!



The VOICYE Maker for MS-Word is installed as an Add-In to MS-Word. Whenever you have a document that you want to make accessible, just click on the Add-In and create the code, it takes just a few seconds. Using VOICEYE Maker, MS-Word will automatically create a VOICEYE code at the top right corner of your page, enabling VOICEYE users to see your words in large print, or hear them spoken.

VOICYE code on the printed material:

  • VOICEYE can hold as much as two A4 pages of text on a 2.5 square centimeter code.
  • you do not need a data or internet connection to decode a VOICEYE code, as the code itself stores the data.
All education materials, all government materials, all books, notice boards in museums or libraries, in fact just about anything, once a document is produced with a VOICEYE code, any material becomes accessible and is accurately identified.


  • Extract text from the original document
  • Create, compress and store text
  • Edit the text to make listening easier
  • Automatically insert VOICEYE codes on the document

System Requirements

  • Pentium IV 1.8GHz processor
  • 512MB RAM (1GB minimum for Windows Vista)
  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows7
  • MS-Word 2000 or higher