SmartView 360 video Magnifier – distance viewer

  • Magnifies to help you clearly see the world around you

  • Simply rotate, point and position the camera to see across a room, enlarge any text

  • Great for viewing the blackboard, completing an exercise in a workbook, using reference books

  • New SONY camera for sharp, clear and stable image even in low-light

  • All-in-one portable unit: built-in screen and handle

  • Useful auto-savings parameters

  • iPad connectivity: mirror the iPad display for a larger view




    For a sharp and clear image even in a low-light environment With its new integrated Sony camera, the SmartView 360 offers an improved visual experience. Whether you are in an illuminated or darker room, the SmartView 360 provides sharper and clearer images.

    For computer connectivity The screen of the new SmartView 360 can now be used as a computer screen. Simply connect your computer into the new VGA port and enjoy the convenience of a single screen for all your reading and computer tasks!

Enjoy a 360o view of the world around you

With its integrated camera and monitor, the SmartView 360o video magnifier magnifies images to help you clearly see the world around you. It’s easy to position the camera to see across a room, enlarge any text or act as a magnifying mirror.

Easy to use, easy to see… for students to seniors

Classroom work, studying and homework are made easier through the power and versatility of the SmartView 360o video magnifier. From the blackboard to books, students of all ages can quickly and easily move the camera for a clearer view. For seniors, the SmartView 360o video magnifier makes everyday life much easier. Simply point the camera to read important instructions, books and mail, and for personal tasks such as applying make-up and styling hair.

Ideal for a variety of environments

At school

Viewing the blackboard Completing an exercise in a workbook Using reference books

At home

Applying make-up Reading cookbooks Verifying directions on medicines Checking your mail Photo: A man is using the SmartView 360 to work on a tiny object that looks like an electronic chip

At work

Viewing presentations Reading documents Using small tools

A clear view in every direction

It’s easy to rotate, point and position the SmartView 360’s camera to where you need to see — either in front of the monitor or to the side. When moved from one position to another, the camera parameters are automatically saved to memory for quick recall. View text in a book with the black and white enhanced contrast or simply twist the camera for a full-color image of a blackboard or presentation screen.

Quick and easy to use

Use the camera’s precise zoom control to adjust the magnification in precise steps to the level that best suits your needs. Just one press of a button quickly switches from seeing the image in full color to viewing text in an enhanced contrast mode. Press the “find” button for a quick overview of what you are viewing and to easily locate what you want to magnify.

Fits any workspace

The SmartView 360’s compact design takes up less desk space than 2 sheets of paper. Whether you place material in front of the monitor or to the side, the camera is easily moved to view multiple documents spread over your workspace.

Makes everyday viewing easier

Use one of the 16 enhanced contrast modes to read books and magazines, or use the full color mode to view photographs or refer to directions on containers and packaging. Applying makeup or fixing your hair is really easy with the self-view mode’s full-color, magnified image.

Always ready to work

Take the SmartView 360 out of its box or optional carrying case, plug in the AC power cable and it’s ready to go.

What’s in the box

  • Warranty multilingual
  • Getting Started
  • User’s Guide
  • AC Power cord



  • Integrated 19” LCD monitor
  • 3 viewing modes: desktop, distance and self view
  • Simple full function control panel
  • Autofocus camera with focus lock
  • Find function
  • Line and blinds


  • Desktop – 2.6x to 57x
  • Distance – 0.6x to 27x
  • Self view – 1x to 4x
  • Field of view (minimum magnification): 138 x 85 mm


  • 110-240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz


  • Weight: 8 kg (18 lbs)
  • Size: 41 x 25 x 55 cm (16.2 x 9.8 x 21.7 in)


    • Color mode
    • 16 user selectable enhanced contrast modes
    • Positive and negative combinations<
    • Black on white
    • Blue on white
    • Blue on yellow
    • Black on yellow
    • Black on purple
    • Black on blue
    • Black on orange
    • Black on green
    • Full adjustment for ambient lighting conditions


    • On/Off
    • Zoom
    • Brightness
    • Color mode
    • Enhanced contrast mode
    • Find
    • Line and blinds
    • Focus lock