Smartphone application for print impaired Available on App Store and Android Market



The new way to access printed information for print and visually impaired! VOICEYE is the smartphone application enabling those with print impairments to access printed information using a VOICEYE code on the printed material. This VOICEYE app solution has won 2012 BETT Awards in ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions. The BETT Awards are described as ‘The Oscars of Educational Software’. You can find out it as the following address:

Information regarding the VOICEYE code on the printed material:

  • VOICEYE can hold as much as two A4 pages of text on a 2.5 square centimeter code.
  • There’s no need for a data or internet connection to decode a VOICEYE code, as the code itself stores the data.
  • The VOICEYE App will use the phone camera to automatically scan the code and bring all of the text into the phone.
Just imagine! You can access any printed information that is around you with your own smartphone. In South Korea, the VOICEYE solution has been successfully applied to schools for the blind, universities with special education, publishing companies, state-run corporations, local newspapers and others. The VOICEYE solution is very popular for Dyslexia and the visually impaired. The Korean government has adopted the VOICEYE solution on its official documents, such as social security information, electricity, water, local tax bills and so on. Make your dreams come true with a VOICEYE code. Scan a VOICEYE code at the top right corner of the printed material. You then have access to the book you buy, the textbook you study, utility bills and prescriptions, it will then be opened automatically on your smartphone and the text can be read aloud with TTS (Text-to-Speech) software like on the iPhone or iPad (voiceover), or with TALKS or Mobile Speaks. The VOICEYE code is created by the VOICEYE Maker Add-In, which you add into MS-Word and Adobe InDesign programs. Adobe InDesign is a program for publishers.


Access to printed information

  • Scan a VOICEYE code at the top right corner of a page.
  • Text can be displayed on your smartphone screen in 5 high contrast text viewing modes (colored text)
  • Read out the text by TTS like VoiceOver
  • Display Highlighting on the reading passage
  • 10 zoom levels in font size
  • VOICEYE SmartPhone Stand
    a. This is the aid for visually impaired people so they can find and read VOICEYE code with smartphone.
    b. Put the smartphone on the smartphone stand and scan VOICEYE code at the top right corner of printed materials. It will be very easy and fast.

Voice Tag (For iPhone 4, 4S:

  • Attach a label to the object that you want to identify. (documents, music CDs, food containers, etc.)
  • The object can be easily identified by recording a voice message or inputting text.

Money Reader (For iPhone 4, 4S: Required payment In App)

  • Money Reader instantly recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people with visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills. (Poor lighting will affect the scanning result so scan with plenty of light.)
  • Korean Won, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar (You may select and use one currency among the 6 on offer, currency can be changed at the time of set-up.)
  • This is different from the independent ‘VOICEYE Money Reader’ app. ‘VOICEYE Money Reader’ app is available for download allowing users to quickly recognize currency.


System Requirements

  • 5M-Pixel or Higher Camera Phone Recommended
  • iPhone 3GS/4/4S and Any Android Phone