Kapten Mobility

A fully-integrated GPS navigator for the visually impaired or blind people.


Developped by Kapsys, the worldwide leader in mobility applications based on voice navigation, Kapten Mobility is a pocket-size, completely integrated voice-controlled navigator, designed to ease the mobility for visually impaired and blind people. With its INTEGRATED SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE, Kapten Mobility remains compact and lightweight, and gives you it all, right in the palm of your hand. Its FAST TIME-TO-FIRST LOCATION TECHNOLOGY allows you to start your navigation quickly after you leave home while the HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY o­ffers more than12 hours of uninterrupted voice navigation. Designed with the collaboration of visually-impaired people to guarantee perfect accessibility, Kapten Mobility combines a robust voice-controlled interface with 3D-marked buttons. Many features speci­cally designed for your safety and your comfort. With Kapten Mobility you can now:


  • MULTITRANSPORT NAVIGATION: whether on foot or in a car, always ‑find your way with the assistance of the KaptenMobility’s voice navigation engine.
  • SMART PEDESTRIAN NAVIGATION: be guided while walking thanks to the the street navigation combined with the city rail public transport.
  • EASY VOICE DESTINATION ENTRY: easily enter your destination thanks to the automatic voice recognition of state, city, street, transport station names and street numbers. Letter by letter and digit by digit address entry is also available.


  • FREE NAVIGATION MODE: get in real time a voice description of what’s around during your pedestrian trips: street names, crossroads, points of interest, your K-Tags, etc. Launch and stop the feature from a dedicated button.
  • MAP DISCOVERY MODE: browse the embedded digital map to explore an area. This feature allows you to read the map of your Kapten Mobility and virtually move and cross streets, while giving you a description of each intersection.
  • “WHERE AM I?” dedicated button: get your position in a click.
  • POIs ON THE WAY: get the list of all the Points of Interest around your location.


  • ROADBOOK: browse a calculated itinerary in order to prepare your trip.
  • A TO B ITINERARY: get the best route between 2 locations and listen to all navigation instructions before starting your trip.


  • TRACKING MODE: record and replay your best itineraries from start to ‑finish and the other way.
  • K-TAG RECORDING: save the position of your most useful or preferred addresses. You can attach a voice memo to your K-Tags, use your K-Tags as a navigation destination, or, in Free Navigation mode, be notified when passing nearby.


  • MP3 PLAYER: select your preferred artist or album, play from your bookmarks or play your music in random mode.
  • DAISY PLAYER: enjoy your favorite audio books thanks to the DAISY player features like browse by chapter, sub-chapter or by bookmark.


Whether carried in your pocket or around your neck, Kapten Mobility will help you in your daily mobility without going through a painful learning process. Kapten Mobility is easy to use thanks to:
  • DEDICATED KEYS for every major feature: Navigation, Where am I, K-Tag, MP3 player, DAISY player.
  • CONTEXTUAL HELP in every menu and for each function.
  • INTEGRATED SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE for handsfree use (headset also supported).
  • EXCELLENT STAND-BY TIME allowing 10 to 15 hours of uninterrupted use.
  • EXTENDABLE CAPACITY: extend the MP3 music, audiobook and maps capacity via the microSD slot.


This mode describes your environment. When this function has been activated, your Kapten Mobility indicates in real time, the street where you are at, the next intersection, and also your K-Tags and POIs if you happen to be nearby. Likewise, when you get near to an intersection, your Kapten Mobility will describe it. After you have left the intersection, Kapten Mobility indicates the next street you are heading for. Example of Free Navigation description: On Park St, North West direction, arriving on a 3 road intersection. At 9:00 o’oclock: Wild St, at 11:00 o’clock: Berkeley St, at 3:00 o’clock: Queens roundabout.


This feature allows you to vocalize the maps and take you anywhere virtually. Enter the point of departure you have chosen, such as your current location, for example. Kapten Mobility then sets out for you the streets accessible from this point by giving their position using a clock analogy. For example: at 9am: Piccadilly St, at 12pm: Regent St. These street names can be scrolled using the Fast forward and Rewind keys. Use the K key to repeat the last street name. Once you get to the street from where you wish to continue navigating, confi­rm by pressing the “Play” key in order to continue your virtual navigation in that direction. Once on the next street, the device will announce the coming intersection, and so forth. This mode can go on endlessly.


Kapten Mobility is the world’s most comprehensive, compact and accessible GPS navigation product for visually impaired and blind people. It helps you to feel safer by:
  • Telling you your precise location.
  • Giving you a description of what’s around.
  • Starting a pedestrian navigation to a destination point (with our without using public transport).
  • Saving your useful locations…
Wherever you are and wherever you go, Kapten Mobility never lets you down. Its robust design and reliable HIGH-PERFORMANCE GPS RECEIVER guarantees an optimal navigation experience. At last, nearly 70 keywords are available to control and interrogate the product. Thanks to its advanced voice interface, Kapten Mobility can be fully controlled by voice.


  • Size : 100x55x18 mm
  • Weight : 130 grams
  • Memory : 4 GB (internal) + microSD slot for memory extension
  • InstantFix II: no computer required for ephemeris download
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Map Data : TeleAtlas or Navteq according to countries
  • Large database of Premium POIs
  • USB 2.0 High Speed via mini-USB
  • Battery: 2100 mAH (approx. 12 hours of stand-by time)
  • Integrated Speaker and Microphone
  • Speech recognition and text-to-speech : Nuance
  • Connectivity : PC (Windows XP and higher) and Mac (Mac OS 10.5 and higher)
  • Kapmanager : PC/Mac application to download ­rmware and speed cameras database updates
Content of the Kapten Mobility pack: 1 Kapten Mobility, 1 wall charger, 1 USB cable, 1 headset with microphone and speech recognition button, 1 necklace, 1 quick starting guide. Kapten Mobility – Versions available: France, Belgium (in french) – UK & Ireland (in UK english) – USA, Canada (in US english, the Canadian version also supports french) – Spain – Italy – DACH: Germany & Austria & Switzerland (in german).