CloverView external screen

Adding the CloverView external screen does so much more than simply increase your screen real estate; it creates an entirely new reading experience!



Add an additional 12.5″ full-HD screen to your CLOVER BOOK PRO to double your viewing area and essentially upgrade your device in the process; with unique reading-orientation, split-screen and computer-connect features added, using the CloverView external screen.

The CloverView additional screen doubles the effectiveness of your CLOVER BOOK PRO split-screen function. Instead of splitting the CloverBook Pro screen, you get a screen dedicated for distance or self-view and a separate screen for close/desk view. Use either screen for close or distance views and easily change magnification and contrast on each screen, independently.


  • Attaches to Clover Book Pro using custom HDMI cable

  • Doubles your screen space with FHD resolution

  • Provides a true split-screen distance/close view

  • Allows you to quickly and easily find your place

  • Connects to a computer; makes all-in-one mag/workstation


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