Location information and mapping tools to augment independent travel for people who are blind or visually impaired for the BrailleNote line of products.




Whether traveling by foot or vehicle, especially in unfamiliar areas, use a Sendero GPS product to help guide and inform you about your surroundings.


Exclusive “LookAround” capability automatically announces nearby streets, intersections and businesses in dozens of categories.


“I am no longer the passive passenger. The driver can keep their eyes on the road and I will announce where to exit the highway and how to find the destination, especially when instructing cab drivers.” Access more points of interest than other GPS products: organized in categories, from restaurants, to bus stops to customized locations. Choose your path: easily customizable routes for walking, riding, shortest, fastest, without roundabouts, without highways and more. Explore before you go: choose a location almost anywhere in the world and virtually navigate as though you were there in person. Use Sendero Maps for the PC which takes exploration to a whole new level. Know it all: Hear detailed information about your speed, altitude, heading, road type, postal code and much more


  • Runs on Multi-use devices which are often more likely to be used and available when you need them
  • Includes over 15 million points of interest to increase navigation success and enhance decision making Features exclusive LookAround capabilities to give the user information about their surroundings including points of interest
  • Utilizes an external GPS to ensure the latest GPS technology for best positioning ability
  • Provides output in both Speech and Braille so that you can digest data at your own pace, read the information in noisy areas (such as on a bus), and learn the spellings of POIs and streets
  • Built-in speaker
  • Choice between Braille or QWERTY keyboards
  • Built-in human sounding text-to-speech
  • Integrated help
  • Shoulder strap and carrying case for secure transportation