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Product Description

We always recommend professional training from one of our team members to all our customers. Whether you are an assessor, a trainer, or an end-user, we strongly believe that you will benefit from our training sessions to fully discover the technology and take advantage of all it has to offer. CeciTech provides flexible training programs for all the products we sell. Our training can be delivered on site, or in many cases remotely via telephone or video conferencing. If you’re interested in receiving one or more of our training sessions, please send us an e-mail to support@cecitech.com or contact us by phone 18003041515 ext.5. One of our representative will contact you once your information has been submitted and processed. Please allow up to one business week for processing.

To order or inquire about our products, contact us at: 1-800-304-1515 or by e-mail at: info@cecitech.com