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This-Connect, the Cecitech’s Newsletter

This-Connect, the Cecitech’s Newsletter

January 17, 2013
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Welcome to the first edition of CECITECH’s quarterly newsletter! We have created our quarterly newsletter to provide an informational update regarding our company to our new, current and future customers. Each quarter, we hope to inspire you with engaging feature articles and updates that highlight how and where our products are being used and solving real world problems. Additionally, this is your e-newsletter, and we welcome your input.

In This Issue

From The CEO

Hello and Welcome to CECITECH’s First Newsletter! This year has been very busy, yet exciting so far. we revisited our products list, moved our headquarters into a new facility, and built a regional presence all over the country. There has also been a lot of focus on making the new and improved product list approved by provincial decrees for availability at no cost to clients. I am proud to say that our team at CECITECH has been a great part in deciding the direction of the company. Our sales team has been able to give us valuable information about our target markets, dealer perspectives and requirements for products in demand. We moved into our new facility in the middle of April of this year. It’s a 1500 square foot accessible office located at 1700 BLVD Laval in LAVAL, QC. We believe this move will support our growth expectancy with more office space and a show room designed to give clients a hands on feel to our products. My business travels this year have taken me as far as Europe, The United States, and all over Canada. Meeting with our International Manufacturers, regional dealers as well as existing and new customers, it has given me that much more insight as to what direction we need to take CECITECH in with regards to our product catalogue and overall business processes. I am very excited about launching our first official CECITECH quarterly newsletter and can’t wait to release some exciting updates this year.

Travel and Conventions

At CECITECH we take pride in delivering to our customers the latest and greatest in the field, that is why we put no limit on how far we will go to guarantee that the products we bring to the table are exactly what our clients want and those that blow other competitors out of the park! This year we have struck some pretty amazing partnerships with major players in the Adaptive Technology field and have personally met up with representatives from some of those partnerships at conventions that we always take part in such as CSUN 2012 that took place in San Diego, as well as Sight City in Frankfurt Germany.

Regional Presence and New Partnerships

This year has been very big for us at CECITECH in terms of making our presence solid all over the country. Once we were settled in our headquarters we started focusing on making it easier for our customers to reach us and for us to meet with them. That is why we have decided to open up regional offices throughout the country so that our clients have a local contact to work with. Since our goal has always been to bring the best of products to our clients we have built partnerships with leaders in the field to ensure just that. Our new partners include influential names such as EuroBraille, Freedom Scientific, Reinecker, Zoomax, BAUM and KAPSYS.

List of offices:

  • Québec – Montreal Region

    CECITECH Inc. (Headquarters)
    1700 Boulevard Laval, Local 100
    Laval, QC H7S 2J2
    Tel: +1 800 304-1515
    Fax: +1 855 304-1515

  • Alberta – Calgary Region

    5940 Macleod Trail SW, Local 500
    Calgary, AB T2H 2G4
    Tel: +1 800 304-1515
    Fax: +1 855 304-1515

  • British Columbia – Vancouver/Richmond Region

    5811 Cooney Road, Suite 305, South Tower
    Vancouver, V6X 3M1
    Tel: +1 800 304-1515
    Fax: +1 855 304-1515

  • Ontario – Toronto Region

    200-1920 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON M4S 3E2
    Tel: +1 800 304-1515
    Fax: +1 855 304-1515

Blind Product Highlights

  • esys12 - Braille display

    Esys12 – Braille display

    Esys 12 is a portable 12 cell Braille display with integrated Braille keyboard. Multi functional and with modern minimal design. Features a slot for mini SD‐card to quickly save text files. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and communication software, it can be connected to a mobile phone or PDA.
  • esytime 32 - Note Book, Braille Display & Standard PC

    Esytime 32 – Note Book, Braille Display & Standard PC

    Esytime is a new Braille device, combining notetaking functions, a Braille display and standard PC all in one.

Low Vision Product Highlights

  • VisioBook HD - The foldable, portable desktop magnifier

    VisioBook HD – The foldable, portable desktop magnifier

    The foldable, portable desktop magnifier.
  • Zoomax Capture - Handheld video magnifier

    Zoomax Capture – Handheld video magnifier

    The Capture offers the convenience of image storage and play back other than the normal low vision functions in a compact and stylish design.
  • Zoomax Snow - Handheld video magnifier

    Zoomax Snow – Handheld video magnifier

    Snow offers high quality image and up to 16X magnification in a compact and stylish design.
  • Zoomax Butterfly - Handheld video magnifier

    Zoomax Butterfly – Handheld video magnifier

    Designed for the person on the go, the Butterfly Pocket Video Magnifier easily fits into your pocket, purse or schoolbag.

Accessible GPS & Daily Living

  • Kapten Mobility - GPS Navigator--voice-controlled

    Kapten Mobility – GPS Navigator–voice-controlled

    A fully-integrated GPS navigator for the visually impaired or blind people.
  • Milestone - 312

    Milestone – 312

    Milestone 312 represents a new generation of ultra portable aids for blind and visually impaired people. The Milestone 312 includes the functionality of a Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text to Speech Player, DAISY-Audio Book Player, Radio, Clock, Alarm, Calendar, RFID Tagging System and more.

Learning and Education

WYNN - Freedom Scientific

WYNN – Freedom Scientific

WYNN is the innovative literacy solution that uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties

Holiday Specials

We at CECITECH extend seasonal greetings to our clients wishing everyone happy holidays and a joyful time of the year with family and friends. Take advantage of our seasonal specials that mark down our prices on selected products by up to 20% and buy the gadget that you have been wanting for yourself, or as a gift for someone at a low price


“I have been losing my vision rapidly in the last two years because of RP. I have since gotten used to asking people where I am at all times and thought that I have to be that way for the rest of my life. Chawky showed me the new Captain Mobility and I have been using it ever since. Of course I was skeptical at first and wanted to check out other similar products, but the new Captain Mobility GPS beats all its competitors by far with the new voice recognition feature. I now can tell others where they are if they feel lost. This is always happening as I am driving with my wife!” – Jason from Montreal, QC. “I have been working in the domain of low vision aids for 15 years now and I have helped a lot of clients adjust to gradual vision loss and introduced them to the world of CCTV’s both desk top or portable. I have to say that the list that CECITECH has brought into our market despite it being new names, is more advanced and yet more affordable that the more limited options I have been working with. I especially fell in love with the VISIOBOOK HD. This CCTV is out of this world with the flexibility it gives to the user. You can literally fold it and twist it to read at any angle you want! I cab see this eliminating the stress on the hands and back associated with working with more traditional CCTV’s” -Ronald from, Hamilton ON.


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